About CypHerSec

Who We Are?

Team CypHerSec

We are a girl-gang of budding cyber-security enthusiasts. Our motive is make more people aware about information security and bring more women into this field. We are the first all women CTF team from Natiional Institute of Technology,WARANGAL.

What We Do...

Meetings : We have weekly meetups where we have information security-related discussions and participate in CTFs. All female minds are invited to our meetings.

Capture The Flag : We actively participate in these are security competitions which require practical knowledge of topics like binary exploitation, reverse engineering, cryptography, web security, forensics, steganography, etc. We also plan to organise an all women CTF- a CTF for women by, women.

Where We Work?

Innovation Garage

Innovation Garage - the Hogwarts of innovative souls. The working hub for brilliant minds with the coolest projects - It’s a place to hack. It’s a room to innovate. Most importantly, it’s a space where you challenge yourself to break the boundaries. The working space is packed with devout and enthusiastic students, each showing off their creative best in their fields of passion. The synergy of the atmosphere further inspires the individuals to commit to their work. Ever since its inception in 2015, it has given rise to lots of projects, friendships, mentors, startups and reasons for many to work harder than ever before.